“Mr. Fields conducts himself in a forthright manner. He maintains good character, and he exercises maturity and thoroughness in the preparation of his cases. He consistently upholds professional standards, and he sincerely expresses compassion regarding his client's welfare and best interests.”

“Aaron is a knowledgeable and diligent attorney. Our family is so grateful to him for his assistance.”

“I wanted to let you know what a fantastic job Aaron did helping my sister with her Social Security disability case. Her testimony was good but no doubt Aaron turned the tide and won the case for her.”

“I wanted to thank you for being my savior. You’ve changed my life forever. Thank you.”

Mr. Fields has experience with Unemployment Insurance appeals: “I would recommend Aaron to any veteran applying for veteran’s disability benefits. He is knowledgeable, diligent, and respectful.” [Tom, January 11, 2017]

" You can't do better than Aaron Fields. I retained Mr. Fields for a complex unemployment appeal and won. You always work with him and not an assistant or a paralegal. He takes the time to understand your case and communicates often. I highly recommend Mr. Fields." [Tom, January 11, 2017]

“Aaron represented us in a social security matter. He was well-informed, accessible, and compassionate.”

“With Aaron’s knowledge and expertise in SSD disability law, I felt that my case couldn’t have been in better or more qualified hands. The hearing went very well and was decided in my favor.”

"Mr. Fields has a wealth of knowledge in preparing a claimant appeal for unemployment insurance benefits. I lost my job but it was not my fault. My initial claim for benefits was denied. We successfully appealed the initial decision, which resulted in a reversal of the initial denial. My benefits to date have been paid in full. Thanks, Mr. Fields." [Jon, December 5, 2016]

"Meeting with Aaron helped me formulate a game plan. He was knowledgable and experienced and so far the result has been exactly what I wanted it to be. Meeting with Aaron helped me build confidence and be informed about critical information I needed for the future." [Cate, November 7, 2016]

“I would recommend Aaron to any person that is truly in need of a great lawyer.”

“Aaron was always happy to answer questions, provide us with the status of our case, or to meet with us. We were blessed to have Aaron Fields as our attorney!”

“Aaron is a very intelligent lawyer. He returned our phone calls promptly, and he answered all of our questions thoroughly. Most of all, he won our case even though we had a most difficult judge.”

"Aaron Fields was a great Attorney. If it wasn't for him I would of never won my case. He worked really hard and guided me through the whole proses of my case. I would defiantly recommend him to anyone. He is very nice and takes the time to explain everything to his clients. Thank you Aaron again for the help." [Patricia, April 1, 2016]

“Aaron was very knowledgeable about disability law whenever we had questions about our case. He was very responsive to us.”

“Aaron will back you 100 %. He helped get my wife approved on her social security disability case.”

Very resourceful and intelligent counselor: "I reached out to Mr. Fields upon requesting an Appeal Hearing after I was denied unemployment benefits. At first I requested a consultation only but later retained Mr. Fields after realizing I would need some assistance as there were many particulars about the proceedings I had been unaware of. With only a week until my hearing, Mr. Fields graciously took my case and immediately went to work. Mr. Fields was very forthright about my chances of winning and he made great efforts to prepare me for any possibilities on the day of the hearing. During the week preceding the hearing, lines..." [Karen, February 21, 2016]

Straightforward, conscientious, caring: "I was referred to Aaron because I had an unemployment determination that I was not satisfied with. He gave me some great advice over the phone and responded to my questions in prompt manner. I decided to argue my case myself. However, Aaron offered to consult with me about the unemployment appeal hearing. I am convinced that I would not have won my case if I had not consulted with him. When I met with him, he went over the whole process in extreme detail. He put together a binder of much needed advice and information that was critical to winning my case. I would highly recommend anyone that wants to win their unemployment case to hire Aaron. Top notch lawyer!" [Steven G., October 22, 2015]

"I was having a dispute with a former employer over unemployment benefits. It was not about the money, actually, more about the fact that I felt I was being treated dishonestly and unfairly, and might be stuck with something on my employment record I didn't deserve. It wasn't easy finding someone to take my case, but Aaron seemed more than willing, and didn't make me feel that my case was unimportant, because it didn't involve a lot of money. He explained relevant procedures, and was straightforward about my chances of winning. He even offered to read a letter I had to send to the..." [Anonymous, September 16, 2015]

Very trustworthy lawyer and law firm: "Aaron represented us in a social security matter. He was well-informed, accessible and compassionate. He returned phone calls promptly and answered all of our questions thoroughly. Most of all, he won our case even though we had a most difficult judge." [Dayle, November 7, 2014]

"Aaron is a very intelligent lawyer ,he is very knowledgeable about disability law when ever we had questions about our case he was very responsive to us. The firm that he represents is very professional , i would recommend Aaron to any person that is truly in need of a great lawyer, he will back you 100 %,he help us get my wife approved on her case ,great firm and great people starting with Aaron Fields," [Phil, October 29, 2014]